Silent Conversations is a record born from change and a coming of age. It’s about being fed up with walking in someone else’s shadow and working towards someone else’s dream; rather, yearning to learn who you are amongst a crowd. One immediately striking thing about this record is that there is no central genre, and no two songs are alike. “We all listen to so many different styles of music, as does almost everyone we know,” says the band, “We wanted to create a record that doesn’t fit neatly into any genre or box”. This album follows no trend, no apparent guidelines, and is unapologetically itself.

Silent Conversations combines the eclectic skill-sets of three musicians with a need to pave their own path. The trio wrote, produced, engineered, and mixed this album themselves, and are even responsible for creating its cover artwork. The album is as anxious as it is peaceful and as sombre as it is uplifting, adeptly mirroring the sudden ups and downs that inevitably come with change. Contrary to its title the record is by no means a peaceful background listen; Silent Conversations is, in reality, a noisy kaleidoscope.